We are an agro retailer providing diverse solutions to farmers whether urban, rural, small scale or commercial.
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About Us

Get to know us

FARMBIZ Private Limited is an agro retailer which was incorporated in 2016, providing diverse solutions to farmers whether urban, rural, small scale, or commercial.

FARMBIZ is in partnership with our strategic suppliers, uses known and proven brands within the sector to be an interface and provide meaningful and useful advice for product and service delivered.

Our products

Throughout its branches, Farmbiz offers a wide range of farming products and services that include Seeds, Tools and Equipment, Vaccines & Pesticides, Farm Clothing, Building Supplies, and Farming Knowledge.

Tools and Equipment

Farmbiz stock a wide range of tools and equipment for all types of farming needs in their branches.

Horticulture and Grains

Farmbiz is stockist of the quality crop seeds and seedlings from reputable seed companies in Zimbabwe and the region.

Vaccines & Pesticides

Farmbiz is stockist of reputable vaccines for livestock farmers and pesticides for crop farmers in all its branches.

Farm Clothing

 Farmbiz is stockist of durable, good quality farming wear in all its branches.

Building Supplies

Farmbiz caters for the farmers that are building by stocking relevant building material in their branches.


Farmbiz caters for the farmer's fertilizer needs by stocking a wide range fertilizers from reputable brands in all our branches